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Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-Glare Glass - Make Sure you get Perfect View
Why Use Anti-Glare Glass?

If you want to frame a picture or screen, it's worth doing it properly. As well as choosing a good frame, you need to choose the right kind of glass. Anti-glare glass is a glass that's specially made for pictures. It is different from ordinary window glass because it is designed for more light to pass through it. Anti-glare glass minimizes reflections so you can see and enjoy your picture at its best.

How to Use Anti-Glare Glass
We recommend spraying the cleaning agent onto the cloth and not directly onto anti-glare glass. The easiest way to remove dirt from anti-glare glass is to use a mixture of alcohol (spirits) and (soft) water (50/50) and a microfiber cloth. If applying a ready made glass cleaning agent, we recommend checking our list of suitable cleaning agents. Depending on the cleaning agents, anti-glare glass may require a drying time up to 10 minutes. Be aware that alkaline, fluorine and silicon contain cleaning agents (typically marked as "shiny") that may cause damage to the surface of anti-glare glass.
In case of severe pollution, we recommend the use of warm (soft) water in combination with a small amount of dishwashing detergent (1 ml detergent per 1 liter water). Apply the mixture with a microfiber-cloth; do not soak anti-glare glass in the dishwashing liquid. In case of striations, wipe the anti-glare glass with a damp microfiber or cotton cloth. In case of extreme pollution, this procedure may need to be repeated. Please check our list of suitable dishwashing detergents.

Production Range
1. Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
2. Regular Sizes: We can manufacture according to your design size. Max size: 3660*6000mm
3. AG 90/100/110-600

As a professional anti-glare glass manufacturer based in China, We Glass also provides reflective glass, tinted float glass, tinted pattern glass, decorative glass, edgework glass, laminated glass, and more.

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