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We Glass Furniture - Meeting your Aesthetic Needs

We glass furniture is made of high quality clear float glass, tinted float glass, low iron glass , patterned glass, acid etched glass, or silk-screened glass, with a fashionable and new style design, creating an esthetical feeling.

1. Exact and Elaborate Work - We glass furniture processing with CNC auto-control machine offers exact size and excellent work.
2. Custom Design – It can be processed according to the customer's designs.
3. Rich Category - We glass furniture has a rich supply of categories for the customer to choose from.

Furniture glass can be used in all domestic and professional luxuries areas such as offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. It can be used for fixed and sliding partitions, doors, shower and bathroom screens, glazed cupboards, kitchen and bathroom furniture, tables, countertops, shelves, etc.

Production Range
1. Thickness from 3mm-25mm
2. Bevel width from 5mm to 48 mm
3. Shape: Regular Square, rectangle, circle shape, irregular shape, customer shape
4. Packing: Soft plastic foam interlayer between each piece of glass, outside packed by strong wooden crate, suitable for long time ocean transportation

As a China-based glass furniture manufacturer, We Glass provides a comprehensive range of products, including silver mirror, decorative glass, clear float glass, reflective glass, and tinted pattern glass, among others.

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