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Solar Cell Glass

Solar cell glass is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor which converts solar energy into electricity. By considering its efficiency, we use high-transmittance and low reflection glass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by eliminating unwanted distortions with advanced optical technology. The transmittance rate for our Photovoltaic Glass is around 91 percent and for regular glass it is about 83 percent. This 8 percent difference can be significant over the thirty to fifty year life of a solar module.

How Does it Work?

Production Range
1. Thickness: 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 6mm
2. Regular Sizes: 1524*2134mm, 1500*2000mm, 1830*2134mm, 1830*2440mm. If your order quantity is more than 5 fts, we can manufacture according to your design size.
3. Dimension: Max. 2200*3300mm (Annealed), Max. 1300*2000mm (Tempered)
4. Size Reference: 1644*984mm, 1303*983mm, 1328*983mm, 1574*802mm, etc.
5. Glass Edge: Arc shape ground/seamed
6. Glass Corner: Cut

We Glass is a China-based manufacturer of solar cell glass. Our company offers a wide range of products, including reflective glass, clear float glass, clear pattern glass, tempered glass, lacquered glass, mirror glass, and more.

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