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Aluminum Mirror

We aluminum mirror is produced through a horizontal production line, which is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror, so our aluminum mirror is best quality in China. The aluminum mirror is suitable for any processed and edgeworking, such as decorative mirror, furniture mirror, art mirror, bathroom mirror, beveled mirror, shape mirror, framed mirror, shelf mirror, dressing mirror, cosmetic mirror, hotel mirror, mosaic mirror and other processed mirror etc. Our quality aluminum mirror sheet is usually coated by two layers of paint. Our tinted mirror, as well as colored mirror with various color of gray, bronze, green, blue, is produced by vacuum coating a layer of aluminum on the tinted glass, to offer a nice and interesting decorating effect.

1. The aluminum mirror is environmentally friendly.
2. It is coated on high quality float glass, with an exactive image.
3. The aluminum mirror is double coated in water-proof paint in grey or bronze paint (Italy Fenzi paint).
4. The plating layer is rigid and bonded; the protective layer is impregnable and offers good erosion-resistance.
5. The actual and accurate reflection of the aluminum mirror is of high optical quality and durability.
6. No copper is used.
7. The aluminum mirror offers easy processing and installation.

The aluminum mirror can be used as a framed or unframed mirror. It is can be used for paneling on walls or doors, furniture and shelves, wall mirror, bathroom mirror, furniture mirror, decorative mirror, dressing mirror, etc.

Installation Guidelines
1. The wall should be perfectly smooth and flat.
2. If the installation surface is too irregular, fix a plywood panel on the surface before installing the glass.
3. Do not install on damp walls.
4. Avoid installing close to heat sources (heating, stoves, etc.).
5. There are two possible fixing methods: Adhesive: Using compatible mirror adhesives (test the reaction of the glue on the lacquer/silver if in doubt about whether the glue is neutral), or use double-sided adhesive tape. Mechanical fixing: Using the mirror rail (can be used to mask irregularities in the wall), fixing brackets or 'J'-section trim.
6. The gap between two panels should be 3mm.
7. The adhesive should be applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Allow for the circulation of air behind the mirror; for example as vertical pencil size beads.

Production Range
1. Thickness: 1.1-8mm
2. Color: Clear, Bronze, Yellow, Grey, Green, Blue, Black
3. Back Paint Color: Dark Grey, Green, Milk White, Red, Blue
4. Standard Sizes: 48"x 72", 60"x 84", 72"x 96", 1830*1220mm, 1524*2134mm, 1830*2440, etc. If your order quantity is more than 6000 SQM, we can produce any size according to customer's design, for higher finished rate.
5. Silver mirror specification (pdf)

Aluminum Mirror

As a professional aluminum mirror manufacturer based in China, We Glass provides a great variety of products that includes clear float glass, tinted pattern glass, tinted float glass, decorative glass, edgework glass, and more.

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