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We Safety Mirror – With Safety Film-backed Mirror

The We safety mirror is made of high quality silver mirror, copper free silver mirror, ultra clear silver mirror, colored mirror and aluminum mirror, protected with a high viscous vinyl film (CAT I – smooth film) and woven film (CAT II – woven film).

1. A special safety film can be applied to the back of the safety mirror. If the mirror is broken, the film holds the fragments of glass in place, reducing the risk of injury
2. The performance of the safety mirror complies with standard BS 6206 and class 2B of draft standard prEN 12600. (Please contact We Glass for certification).
3. Applications: Mirrored cupboard and wardrobe doors without adhesive glazing, public buildings, sports, centres, etc..
4. Installation: If using adhesive glazing, mechanical fixings must be provided

The safety mirror is environmentally friendly and can be used in communal areas in offices or apartment blocks such as entrance halls, elevators or landings, shopping centers and retail stores, bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters and cinemas, public buildings, clinics and hospitals. It can be used framed or unframed mirrors and for paneling on walls, doors or pillars. It can also be used in furniture for tables, cupboard doors, shelves, etc.

We Safety Mirror Specifications
1. Ultra Clear (Low-iron) Silver Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
2. Colored Silver Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
3. Ultra Clear (Low-iron) Copper Free Silver Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
5. Colored Copper-Free Silver Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
6. Clear Aluminum Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
7. Ultra Clear (Low-iron) Aluminum Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
8. Colored Aluminum Safety Mirror (CAT I & CAT II)
9. Color: Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Gold, etc.
10. Thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
11. Back Paint Color: Grey, Milk White, Green, Dark Blue
12. Size: Customer size available
13. Regular size: 1220 X 2440mm (48" x 96")
14. Max size: 1830 x 2440mm (72" x 96")

As a China-based safety mirror manufacturer and supplier, We Glass provides a comprehensive range of products, including laminated glass, decorative glass, clear float glass, reflective glass, and tinted pattern glass, among others.

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