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Jade White Glass

We Jade White Glass – Meeting your Aesthetic Needs

We jade white glass is light white and opaque in appearance. The jade white glass can bring a certain depth and warmth compared to traditional ceramic tiles.

Jade white glass can be used in kitchens for backsplashes, bathrooms, as durable and aesthetic cladding for walls and doors, inner or outer decoration of hotels and buildings and it is ideal for use on wardrobes and cupboard doors.

Production Range
1. Color: Jade White
2. Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
3. Available size: 1500×2440, 500×2000, 500×1000, 500×800, 1500×600, 900×900, 800×800 600×600mm, etc.

We Glass is a China-based manufacturer of jade white glass. Our company offers a broad range of products that includes reflective glass, tinted float glass, wired pattern glass, clear float glass, ultra thin float glass, silver mirror, and others.

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