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Lacquered Glass

Color Lacquered Glass- Brings a touch of refinement to interior ornament

We lacquered glass is colored and opaque in appearance and is produced by depositing and then baking a highly durable and resistant lacquer to one side of the glass.

1. We offer contemporary colors. Our lacquered glass range consists of 10 different colors. Five light shades are available, contracting with four bold colors and one intense black.
2. Thanks to the special composition of the lacquer, our lacquered glass has a resistance to humidity, making it ideal for use in high humidity rooms such as, kitchens and bathrooms.
3. Our lacquered glass offers durability. As the lacquer is applied to the back of the glass, it is protected from damage.
4. The brilliance of the colors within the range is far superior to gloss paints when trying to achieve a stunning affect.

Our lacquered glass can be customized by cold-painting decorative patterns or logos onto the glass surface. Alternatively, it can be sandblasted and engraved. Different effects can be achieved, depending on whether the glass or lacquered face is treated. Lacquered glass is ideal for kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. It can be used as a durable and aesthetic cladding for walls and doors. It is used on wardrobe and cupboard doors.

We Glass is an experienced lacquered glass manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including tinted float glass, clear laminated glass, bent tempered glass, silver mirror, clear pattern glass, and double glazed glass, among others.

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