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  • Obscure GlassWe obscure glass, with an attractive smooth, silky surface, is an innovative decorative glass product and can be used to enhance all areas of the home. Produced by acid etching one face of a piece of clear glass, it has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. As a translucent product, it admits light while providing ...
  • Silk-Screened GlassTempered silk-screened glass provides varying degrees of privacy while creating a sense of openness and space, affording good light levels in a room.
    With a high level of flexibility, an endless variety of effects can be achieved to satisfy design, vision control and ...
  • Jade White GlassWe jade white glass is light white and opaque in appearance. The jade white glass can bring a certain depth and warmth compared to traditional ceramic tiles.
    Jade white glass can be used in kitchens for backsplashes, bathrooms, as durable and aesthetic cladding for ...
  • Lacquered GlassOur lacquered glass can be customized by cold-painting decorative patterns or logos onto the glass surface. Alternatively, it can be sandblasted and engraved. Different effects can be achieved, depending on whether the glass or lacquered face is treated. Lacquered glass is ideal for kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. It can be ...
  • Glass BlockToday, the glass block is considered a high-end product and an autonomous subject, rather than just providing a service. The glass block is capable of unique forms and aesthetic realizations that inspire creativity in architects and interior designers.
  • Glass Sliding DoorWe Glass supplies the best possible glass sliding doors. Every product offers an innovative design, updated using information from our customers and the very newest technology. Our glass sliding doors are made of clear glass, frosted glass, laminated glass, etc. Open them for light, close them for privacy. You can use them as part ...

Welcome to We innovative leading decorative glass!

We Innovative Decorative Glass carries one of the largest and finest collections of decorative glass available on the market today. Our range of styles, glass and finishes present an infinite number of possibilities - and one that is perfect for you!

There's nothing quite like decorative glass for adding elegance to your home. Our decorative glass is classic in design. The hand beveled edges act like prisms, splitting sunlight into colors of the rainbow. Our decorative glass never gets dusty or finger printed because it is permanently sealed between dual panes of tempered glass. All of our units are authentic, handcrafted lead units which are made by We Acid Etched Glass, Silk-screened Glass, Lacquered Glass.

Decorative glass is available in many sizes for windows, patio doors, transoms, octagons, round and elliptical tops and full circle windows.

Old world craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail provide our customers with a product to enhance the most traditional or modern home. Our decorative glass products are of the finest quality and our experienced crafts people devote endless hours creating intricate designs of the highest excellence.

We Acid Etched Glass + Silk-screened

  • NAS-001
  • NAS-002
  • NAS-003
  • NAS-004
  • NAS-005
  • NAS-006
  • NAS-007
  • NAS-008
  • NAS-009
  • NAS-0010
  • NAS-0011
  • NAS-0012

We Clear Float Glass + Silk-screened

  • NCS-001
  • NCS-002
  • NCS-003
  • NCS-004
  • NCS-005
  • NCS-006
  • NCS-007
  • NCS-008
  • NCS-009
  • NCS-0010
  • NCS-0011
  • NCS-0012
  • NCS-0013
  • NCS-0014
  • NCS-0015

We Silk-screened Glass + Acid Etched Glass

  • NSA-001
  • NSA-002
  • NSA-003
  • NSA-004
  • NSA-005
  • NSA-006
  • NSA-007
  • NSA-008
  • NSA-009
  • NSA-0010
  • NSA-0011
  • NSA-0012
  • NSA-0013
  • NSA-0014
  • NSA-0015
  • NSA-0016
  • NSA-0017
  • NSA-0018

We Glass is a professional decorative glass manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including wired pattern glass, tinted float glass, ultra thick float glass, laminated glass, silver mirror, glass furniture, and more.

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  • Clear Float GlassWe clear float glass is made of molten glass which flows through tweel to a tin bath and then to the lehr. While floating through the molten tin, the combination of gravity and surface tension results in ...
  • Low Iron GlassLow iron glass creates maximum light inside rooms due to its high level of transparency.
    Affording a high level of transparency, it is particularly beneficial for thicker ...
  • Clear Pattern GlassThe We clear pattern glass range comprises fifty-five patterns, designed to create a sophisticated environment in which to live. The shiny geometric patterns are printed onto the glass and appear ...
  • Tinted Pattern GlassHigh degree of translucency enables the aesthetic clear pattern glass to achieve the optimal light level whilst providing subtle obscuration to protect your privacy. .
    The We tinted pattern ...